Alcohol Fermentation

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Testing Turbo yeast, alcohol fermentation,

Turbo yeast is completely different from ordinary yeast. Turbo Yeast is a mix of nutrients and a special yeast strain. Treating this yeast as normal yeast will kill or harm the yeast. There are 2 tings that must never happen:

Never dissolve Turbo Yeast in water, v

If it is small amount of water, nutrients start to kill the yeast. If it is a large amount of water, after 15 minutes the osmotic pressure inside the yeast cell is so much higher then outside, that the yeast cells start to explode and die.

Never add Turbo yeast to a smaller volume of mash

Turbo yeast shall be added directly to mash. Do not add more Turbo yeast then the dosage. The nutrients will make such a high osmotic pressure that yeast cells will be hurt or killed.

This can happen to anyone while making laboratory test. So be very observant.

The Temperature tolerant Molasses yeast and Ferment Clean Yeast are not Tubo Yeast´s and the info above does not include them. The only thing to remember with tose yeast´s are that they shall be sprinkld to he surface of the mash and leaved for 15 minutes – and not soaked in water first.

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TT molasses yeast for Rum and more

Temperature Tolerant Molasses yeast – a very special strain

We supply a special strain for molasses that is temperature tolerant. The advantage with this strain is that one can ferment faster at 35C (and ferment out the fructose). Another advantage is that this yeast produced only half as normal of fusel oils while it still is a good producer of ethyl acetate. Great for Rum. This is no Turbo Yeast, no nutrients are added.

Special High Yield, pure fermenting yeast

Ferment clean – a very special strain

This strain shall never be used over 30C or over 15% alcohol. The purpose of this strain is to produce more alcohol from the same mash, compared to other yeast. The second purpose is to produce as less by products, specially fusel, as possible. But it produce less of all volatiles, also ethyl acetate, so for Rum you have to do a test and compare with TT molasses yeast, so enugh Rum taste is produced. This is no Turbo Yeast, no nutrients are added.

All yeast need be laboratory tested with your distillerys own mash, specially with molasses fermentation. No fermentation is uniform and molasses fermentation is really challenging. So testing is the only way to know exactly.

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Alcohol Fermentation

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